Curiouser and Curiouser


I have been waiting to say anything about this (mainly because at first I believed it wouldn’t be true and God would fix it like he always did… and then it became shameful, but now all, in the midst of so many emotions, is complete peace) Strength… a few select close friends and family on my side know what I am about to post.. and I believe everyone on Chris’s side knows… so it should not be too shocking to everyone
With this said… I post the following news:

It is With deep regret but also with great peace concerning my future that I would like to inform every one of my decision to go back to my maiden name. Some of you know the circumstances surrounding this, but for all who do not, Chris and I are in the process of getting a divorce. It was NOT a mutual decision, but it became something that was in the best interest for him, I and all of the parties involved.
I loved being a wife to him, and step mom to some awesome kids, and a Gia. (which I will add here.. they will always be considered my kids and my family.. I love them very much… even if we have not always seen eye to eye.. family doesn’t always.. but they will fight for you when it counts)
Chris had been my very best friend for 9 years.. we had (like every married couple) our ups and downs (when he was doing “right” we were a Power couple in the Lord! I have been blessed to be a ministers wife, youth leader, mens and ladies aux president along side of him… and I will always have my memories.) But I am very ready with the Lords help to close this chapter in my life and look forward with promise to what God has in store with and for me! 937a310ca025ebb1ba0c38288fb202bd
He has given me so SO many promises and I know God will always fulfill his promises to those who trust and Hold on… and if I can do that.. I know I will see them come to pass for me! I am so very thankful for my friends.. It is overwhelming *in a good way* to see and just have a great support system! You all know who you are and I cannot ever tell you how thankful I really am… Its so amazing how God places you in the right place, at the right time, and I love all of you all! I cannot start naming names because I will miss someone.. but I do want to thank my sweet Pastor and Sis Runyan and my church family at POJ… you guys are seriously one of a kind! Pastor and Sis R… Thank you so much for being here for me! Words cannot express how I feel… because I just don’t feel like a simple thank you is enough. I strongly believe in the power of prayer.. and I believe that we serve a MIGHTY God who is ready to save us from our sins!!! I have seen God touch Chris over the years and I have seen a great potential in him.. and I still believe that is there… somewhere deep inside.. So for me.. and I ask all of my friends Please pray for him! He is heading down a path that will only cause further destruction. My sweet mother in law has already lost Tonya and she is concerned for Chris as well…. I would just ask that all of my friends ( I know you all have expressed hurt for me… and disgust.. but Please if you are a praying friend.. I need to you pray for the Chains to be broken in his life and a complete turn around.. He will only be happy and satisfied in the Lord.. and he needs to be reminded of this) I have no bitterness or ill will… ok maybe just that a random Lego will be under his foot every once in awhile 😉 BUT in all seriousness.. God is the one who sees all of this.. he is the one who can do something about it.. and I don’t feel any bitterness.. just sadness and pity for all involved. With all of this… I’m gonna be ok! 14c9689ebdba6ab76b7df9f2a01b2c46

So with all of this said… This is why I have changed my name on Facebook back to Jirtle. (my maiden name)
No one in this area has known me as a Jirtle since I moved here after I married from East TN, so I’m trying to get my name out there… the more you all see it the more you will be accustomed to it! Also in recent posts from Chris’s fb I thought it was in my best interest. So you all need to no longer wonder if I know what is going on… I have always known when things are off… and what was going on.. I just chose to sit back pray and watch God fix it, because I always felt that was what God was showing me to do and he would always take care of it.. and with this Im not saying that God cannot fix it this time.. I just know.. you have to want to change and if you don’t want to change.. then well its time to do something different.



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