Coffee with Shani

So I totally realized I did not post anything yesterday! How could I do something like that? Man.. maybe I need to take today and make up for yesterday?? This is just one of the many things u ponder during my morning coffee…


One big thing that has come up that keeps coming up is where in the world is Flight MH370? Theories range from Hijacking to Aliens… I read this morning about it being a fire.. I don’t know if we will ever know. But I do know that the people on there have left families and friends behind and we should be lifting them up in prayer! Pray for all the families affected from the ones lost to all the ones searching!
What are your theories? Feel free to post here what you think is going on…

Thank you for stopping by and enjoying a cup of coffee with me! ~ Shani


4 thoughts on “Coffee with Shani

  1. I dont know if I have a theory or not
    although when it first happened I did not believe it had gone.down right there as they just dont go off radar like that usually do they? But you are so right, remember their families and loved ones……they showed some waiting for word at a hotel on the news this morning. …they cant even talk to the press anymore

    • Leona, I know those poor families need closure, although we may never know the full story. I do hope they get some kind of peace! I do not think they do go off radar like this one did. While there are still so many speculations I am really hoping that the objects that have been spotted by satellite in the Southern Indian Ocean may prove to be some evidence of something!

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